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Breast Cancer runs in my family.

My cousin, and 2 aunts died of it. Well my sister was just diagnosed with it last week. It is stage 0 which is right where you want to be if you get this.

She and I talked on the phone last night for a while, which is something we rarely do. Partially because of her back woods personality which I have talked about before.

She told me that she has a small tumor which they can remove. She also said they found some dead tissue from the tumor and that increases her chances of a relapse if she had the tumor removed, and did Chemo.

She thought about it, did a lot of research, talked to lots of people and have decided to just about eliminate her relapse chances and have a Mastectomy.

They checked her other one and it might also have a problem. She will know more soon enough.

We eventually had a nice light hearted talk about reconstruction. It was like "Yeah, I have always looked down and thought they were not perky enough. " To which I replied. "Umm yeah, these are defective, can you just give me a new pair"

We also talked about my favorite niece, her daughter Chantel and how she had Gastric Bypass surgery, and how she is doing so well. She said I will not even recognize her when I see her. I can't wait. She is going to send me photos.

So with that, while I am not closest with my sister as I probably should be, she is my sister, and I love her. Send your good thoughts her way. I know she would appreciate it!


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