Aug. 20th, 2007 02:57 pm
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I went to Atlanta this past weekend. Memorial Day weekend, I met a really nice guy, who I have been keeping in contact with. I wanted to see him again, well, because ya never know. Well, now we know. The answer is, I do not have a boyfriend in Atlanta. But we did have a great time.

We went to see Harry Potter and the Simpsons. He had not seen HP in IMAX yet, and had not seen the Simpsons. Fun to see them again.
We went to the Eagle on Sat night, and Woof's last night. Had a pretty good time. At the Eagle, I met a really hot guy who had very fun things to say about [ profile] squalidbear. No John, it was not Missy Butler. I'll tell ya more on Thursday.

Went to watch my friend play softball on Sunday. FUCK is it hot in Atlanta. At least there was a breeze and a few hot guys to look at. I was so happy to get back and see the fog.

I got to see [ profile] ufcub, which is always a pleasure, [ profile] hrnypigboy and his very cute boyfriend Whitt. Don and Whitt are going to be staying at my place over Folsom.

Met some other really nice people while I was there as well. Made for a very nice weekend.

I got up at 1:30am Pacific Time to get my 3:20am Pacific Time flight back to SF. Was back by 10am and to work by 11am. It's 3pm now and I am dragging!!!! I am gonna get a good nights sleep tonight.

All in all, Atlanta was fun. Glad to be home. I won't be traveling again until Feb next year.


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