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Last night, [livejournal.com profile] auxugen and I went to Kabuki Springs and Spa. Neither of us had been there before, so I thought, why not. He was really in need of some relaxation and I have seen people post about it being a good experience.

It was Co-Ed night, and I was a little aprehensive, but it was fine. There were not a lot of people there. It was very relaxing indeed. We started out with a shower, then to the dry steam room. Got hot really fast. Headed out to the tub, and got in the cold tub first. WOW, It was sooo cold. 55 degrees. It was a very interesting expereince. Not sure when I have been in that much cold water. It did bring back memories of me falling through ice in a creek when I was 6 in the middle of winter.

Jumped out and into the hot tub. My body got all prickly. Was very interesting as well, but felt oh so good. Soaked for a while until we got too warm.
Got out and cooled off and hit the cold pool again, then the dry steam room. Wash rinse repeat. LOL.

Finished up with a shower off and headed home. It is really nice spending time with [livejournal.com profile] auxugen!

This morning I was getting ready for work, and I thought about the spa, and it brought about some very interesting memories of my teen years. Specifically my 7th grade History teacher. This is a teacher who used to hit students with a paddle when they didn't do their homework. However, that ended the first time he hit me. My mother was furious. His paddle got retired.

Well, the jumping out of the hot tub into the cold tub made me think of a history lesson about Indians in the North East. Maybe the Mohawk Indians, I dont' remember. I remember learning how they would take hot baths and then run to the cold river and jump in after. I especially remember him saying they would do this naked. As someone discovering his sexuality, this was very interesting to me of course. I had images of naked indians running around, skinny dipping.

A couple years later, I became friends with a store clerk at a local convient store, and I was helping him out doing stocking and he propositioned me in the stock room. He even pulled his dick out and offered it to me, but I didn't accept. I didn't refuse either. He got off right away and then started preaching to me about sin and said he did it just to see if I was interested so he could help save me. He told me that the 7th grade history teacher thought I was gay. What was very bizarre was finding out that the store clerk was arrested for molesting an underage male.

So while you get a look down Dave memory lane in this post, I just find it so interesting how the brain works, and how things you do can just make your brain remember things that happened to you in the past. Things you might never have thought you would remember.


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