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So I am having a little party on Tuesday the 4th. Well, it is just a Moviebears night out to see Brokeback Mountain again at the Embarcadero. 89 people have RSVP'd already.

I was really nervous that the theater would stop playing the movie since the DVD is being released on the 4th. I called them today, and they told me they will be running the movie until the 6th. WHEW. But then he told me that they are showing it at 1pm, and 10pm. I said "No early evening show???" He asked me how many people I was bringing, I told him 83 as of right now. He said "Lemme call you back"

They added back an 8pm show just for us! YAY. The power of the bears!!!! Moviebears is also going to get some press in the Bay Times. Sister Dana caught wind of the event and wants to do a story on it pre and post!! So that is exciting news. I sent in the quotes from everyone who replied. I leave it to Sr. Dana to do her magic.

So I am going to have about a dozen shirts, AND a dozen DVD's to give away after the movie. And we are gonna have dinner at Fuzio before the movie at 6pm. Have about 30 RSVP'd for dinner so far. It should be a really fun time!! Probably will not break our 145 record from December 9th, but it is gonna be a great fun time.

I'm happy!


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