Hi Mom....

May. 30th, 2006 11:15 am
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Well hi, Richard's Mom....
thanks so much for the housewarming gift check. It was well used for sheet and comforter set, tv trays and a crock pot.

Here is a photo of your boy and I at the movies on Friday!!
Hope you enjoy.

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Richard and I are going to hold our Housewarming party in June. It will be a Tuesday night, the 27th!!

I hope you can make it. To RSVP visit our evite at http://party.bearguy.com
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I opened the mailbox today and there was a card in the mail. On the back of the envelope it said congrats! It was from CT. I don't know anyone in CT.

So I opened it and it read.....

HI Dave,

I want to thank you sincerely for letting Richard "Crash" on your couch when the Albany jaunt was just too much. I'm so glad and relieved he has found such a kind & wonderful friend to room with. He is so excited about your new apartment. Please continue to guide him thru the new things in life he knows very little about like balancing a check book, filing taxes, renters insurance, finding a doctor & dentist and anything else he needs to know. Thank you for being his "big brother" as he never had one. I hope you use this gift (A check for $150.00) for something you need for the apt- a lamp, run, vacuum, microwave, etc, tv trays for your house warming parties. Whatever your little heart desires. Richard said he would send pictures, your pals are so thoughtful in helping richard witht he bed. Tell them thanks for me. Take care!! Love and Hugs, Sue K.

I was so surprised by this. I really look forward to meeting your Mom [livejournal.com profile] boyshapedbox


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