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So finally, Bears has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who showed up to see the film. Here are my thoughts!

1. The title should not be "Bears"! The film does not portray the bear community. Another whole documentary on bears could easily be done.

2. The film did not really convey my opinion towards Scott Hunter. I was dissappointed with him for not getting to know any of the contestants. Good for him for campaigning like he did. Bad for him for not being a part of all of us.

3. I do not know my way around a paddle. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] gregorbehr for taking the last 2 whaks at the other guy for me that day. BTW, from the paddle scene, it did not seem that bad, but you didn't see the 2nd hit that had me on my knees in so much pain. Many bingo players were very offended by what happned that day. It was a very bad experience for me and they contestants were there for me with love and support.

4. I felt so bad about Pete hurting himself. When I said "One Down" I did not know the extent of Pete's fall. I felt so horrible that he hurt himself and dropped out. But I don't even remember saying that line, even after I had found out how bad he hurt his foot.

5. I told you I can dance! Now come join me sometime. http://www.sundancesaloon.org

6. The ending scene frekin cracks me up. It is so taken out of context, but I don't care. It is halarious.

Hope you had fun.


Jun. 8th, 2007 03:13 pm
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So it is finally past me. The initial screening of "Bears" I was not sure if I had wanted to see it in advance. I thought maybe it would be more fun to see it with the theatre full of people on the 17th. I am glad I went, so now I know what to expect, and have some time to prepare what I want to say about the film before it starts on Sunday.

I will tell you this.. If you want to see me like you have never seen me before (No, not nekkid, and no [livejournal.com profile] glovercom not everyone has seen me naked), then come see this film. It is a really good behind the scenes look at the contest and 6 of the contestants.

And lets just say, I was not eligible to win Miss Congeniality

http://www.frameline.org Get your tickets this weekend in the Castro at Superstar Satellite Video across from the Castro Theatre.

See you there.
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I just got an email from one of the guys of the dance group in Texas that I formed. Texas Twisters, for those who did not know. He said " U shoulda been here! There were LOTS of bears at the RU over the weekend. Sorry you couldn't be here." Referring to Texas Bear Round Up.

My initial thought was "Well, there are lots of bears in SF too, so it is not a big deal." After living in San Francisco, and spending several weekends and 12 days over July 4th weekend in Dallas, I really have no desire to visit. Do I miss my friends??? Sure I do. However, most of them have not been good at keeping in touch. A couple have, and I am really happy for that.

Another thing is that my primary focus in Dallas was country dancing. I used to go to the Round Up Saloon, and try to enjoy my time there. The most fun was Wed nights when I would get to teach line dance. They had line dance classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and open dancing on Friday and Saturday, but I did not really get much pleasure out of it.

The reason is that the Round Up Saloon, the only Gay country bar in Dallas has a straight woman who teaches dance there. She has been there for 12 years. She is a horrible instructor who promised to help Texas Twisters when we were just an idea, and never did. She teaches most of the line dances wrong, she is horrible at teaching couples dancing. But people love her, and I think it is because they have no experienced any "good" instruction. So it is is all they know.

The bar owners didn't seem to care about Texas Twisters much. We planned a convention for 3 years. Got 501(c)3 status. Repeatedly told the bar that we were going to bring them a lot of business. All they would offer us is $500.00 as a donation. I considered that a slap in the face since the cost to the group $1200.00 to shuttle our out-of-town guests from the hotel to the Round Up over the course of the weekend. They told us they were impressed by the attendance, but yet, after the event was over, did not make any additional donations. Even after one of the owners won the $11,000.00 diamond that we raffled off.

DJ's. Most of the DJ's there play horrible dance music. And people in Texas, really do not know how to dance well!! And the DJ's couldn't tell the difference from a 2-step and a west coast swing. It was disappointing to say the least.

Bears: Not many bears country dance. Sad but true. I wish more did. I have tried many times to get bears out here in SF to Sundance, but after beer bust, country dancing is something that just does not bode well. That and many of you don't even like country music. Same went for bears in Dallas. Most just didn't like country music. Many went to the Round up to stand and model, but that was about it. A few country dancing bears here and there. I wish Sundance at Hairrison had sparked more bears to come dance.

Bears in Dallas. I was never really able to connect with the bear community much in Dallas. Maybe because my focus was on country dancing so much. I tried to get involved, including hosting hospitality with Texas Twisters at TBRU 2 years in a row, and teaching line dance on Sunday at the BBQ at the Round Up. But other than that, the activities just seemed not to be there.

I think the only time I will be visiting Dallas again, is if I ever have to go there to work. My Dallas friends should come visit SF anyways. It is way fun out here. A good get away in the summer when it is 100+ degrees there.

So... Do I miss Dallas? NO. But I do miss my friends.


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