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Aug. 24th, 2007 09:25 am
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This is my good Avenue Q Post. I saw the show in NYC about 2 years ago with the original cast. It was great. I had forgotten all the frekin funny lines between the songs. The touring cast did an amazing job. Kate Monster sounded just like the original. I am destined to see it again. Even if it has to be crappy obstructed view seating.

Saw soo many people. Many I knew and many hotties I didin't know. WOOF.

Too many LJ'r to remember. LOL It was also need to hear people ask why all the bears where there.

I got a nice surprise. The group sales manager found my seat and gave me a poster autographed by the cast. He said "We wanted you to have this since you were our top group leader for this show" or something like that. Very coool! Anyone know where to get some cheap poster frames. I have a few that I need to get done.

That's it for now except that I am hosting Karaoke this coming Wednesday night at the Mint. I have 5 pair of tickets to give away for the Sept 11th show of Mamma Mia. If you can make it, we start at 6pm, and draw for the tickets at 9pm.
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It's official, Avenue Q is set to tour starting in August. My contact at SHN Group sales says they are finalizing things, but would not give me the start date of the SF run. However, as soon as he does, I will be reserving tickets. I can't wait. I think it will be a BLAST!

I saw the show in NYC, and loved it. I hope they perform it in its entirety!!!


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