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First, the housewarming party is postponed until JULY 8th. Details to follow.

Richard and I moved in on May 1st. Here is some interesting information

1. We have not signed a lease or paid an additional security depoist.
2. The apartment was not ready for us to move in....
a. Window blinds missing from all 4 windows.
b. Bathroom medicine cabinets not installed. Ugly ones sitting on the floor
c. No door handles on the Kitchen entrance.
d. Wall plates missing from several outlets
e. no towel or toilet paper bars
f. Door buzzer does not work
g. dishwasher not working
h. hot and cold water reversed throughout the apt.
i. no door handle on small bedroom door
j. no screens on windows
k. Area in kitchen needs re-painting.

The landlord was told about all of the above needs

He has in 27 days completed g, and i

I have comleted A through F including buying blinds, new medicine cabinets, towel bars, door buzzer. Just installed a door handle on the kitchen door.

I have saved all the receipts.

The guy really does a good job, but his motivation is really horrible. I must admit, he has 3 empty units right now. He is remodeling 1 and getting the other 2 ready for rental, so I know that is a priority for him. As long as he pays me back for what I have done, which he said he would, that will make me happy.


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