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Mar. 7th, 2009 11:49 am
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Last night I arrived at the hospital around 1am. Mom was awake, and my Niece Chantel was here keeping Mom company. She was very loopy. She knew I was here, and could talk a little bit. It is very hard for her to talk since the cancer has started to affect her breathing.

I met the night doctor and he came in and gave me a little information. After he left I said to my Mom.. "Mom, you're doctor's a hottie" That made her laugh which was great to see" So I knew she fully understood what was going on. Ohh, and he was a hot otter type.

I headed home around 2:00am and got some sleep. Was back here this morning around 8:30am.
When I got here, she had an oxygen mask on, because she was not getting enough oxygen.
She has been in and out of consciousness, however at this stage, she is unable to speak. We can see her trying to talk to us, because she opens her eyes, sees us and moves her lips, but she can not get enough air through to get sound out. It is like every breath she is gasping for air.

We are waiting for my older brother to get here. My twin and My Sister and I have already discussed the option of not starting the Chemo treatments, and to just keep her comfortable, and let nature take it's course. We are going to talk to the doctor soon to find out if further treatments will improve her quality of life, but based on what we see and hear, it probably would not make a difference. We know her wishes, and we need to abide by them, and I know that myself and my siblings are okay with that.

I will know more once my older brother arrives, and we talk to the doctor soon.
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