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In response to my letter, the person who didn't vote on Prop 8 replied. (http://dhbearguy.livejournal.com/329498.html) This is an excerpt from his reply.

I do support the right of gays and even polygamists to marry.  I proudly voted against the initiative in 2000 though I had not yet realized/accepted I was gay.  However, I have always felt that marriage is an issue that belongs to the people, through their elected representatives, not the courts.  I do not feel any need for state sanction of my feelings for my partner ~ they cannot take away or diminish or augment the strength of my relationship no matter what a court or the legislature decide.  So, I have been in a quandry ~ I could not possibly vote for the initiative, but, as I discussed at length with my partner, this case will cause the most unnecessary divisiveness in our state (which it seems to have done, someone I considered a close friend is disassociating with me!)  Although I agree with the outcome (it personally benefits me) it would go against my judicial philosphy.  Do I sell myself out just because I get the benefit?  I decided just not to vote.

So my thoughts on this are....

WHAT?  Given the opportunity to vote with HIS own voice on an issues he supports... he thinks his elected representative should make the decision for him??  What if his elected representative was a uber consertivie right wing religious fanatic.  Representatives do not always make the decisions we want.  We all know that.
His Judicial philosphy is way flawed!!


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